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BCBA is the largest Association of Custom Brokers in India and it draws its strength from Service to Members in all segments of clearance process. For information of members, we would like to highlight the following functions of BCBA which are carried out for members.

Accidental Insurance Facility for members

BCHAA provides an Accidental Insurance Policy for the employees of its members at a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- for 2 years. Considerable members have taken benefit of this policy.

CFS Entry passes at JNCH

In a major facilitation measure, BCBA is the only association, which is providing CFS entry passes to all CB employees (Other than holding Custom Pass) who are engaged in process of clearance at JNPT. This has helped members to avoid the complication of obtaining individual entry permits from respective CFSs.

Service Centre Facility for members at JNCH

BCBA is having a Service centre at Jawahar Custom House Bldg. for members for receiving communications, print outs , email, photo copy etc. at a very reasonable charge.

Capacity Building, Skill Development & Training

BCBA is engaged in the most important aspect of capacity building, skill development & training process for its members. The Association has tied up with several reputed law firms and consulting firms for providing thought leadership.
Regular Knowledge Series seminars are being held for ensuring that members are enriched with knowledge in various segments.
  • Compliance to Exim Laws
  • GST and Service Tax
  • Role of Customs in International Trade.
  • Handholding for AEO
  • Compliance of Laws pertaining to Participating Govt. Agencies (ADC, FSSAI, PQ etc.)
  • Shipping Lines related issues.
Most importantly, BCBA regularly conducts training programmes for the applicants aspiring to give F Card and G Card customs examination. Officers from the Dept., Eminent Lawyers, and Industry Experts etc. are visiting faculty in our training courses. BCBA is also in active dialogue with NACEN for working out a compliance programme for our members.

Timely and Effective Communication for members at various platforms.

BCBA is keeping its members well informed and updated about all the important notifications, circulars, current situations which relate to Clearance of consignments through Customs. BCBA communications/ alerts have become benchmark in the industry today

Providing Legal Advice to members

BCBA has engaged services of eminent lawyers to ensure that their issues pertaining to CBLR and CB Licence related issues are addressed. Members have been availing of these services for sound advice in CB license related matter.

Guarantee for payments being made to Custodian, Shipping Lines, Airlines, CFS etc.

BCBA is the only Association in India which has given guarantee on behalf of its members for Acceptance of Cheques issued by Custom Brokers to Shipping Lines, CFSs, MIAL, Air India etc. upto a value of Rs. 1 Lac.

Table Space at JN Customs and Air Cargo Customs

BCBAA provides a subsidized Table Space to its members operating at ACC and JNCH. This helped our members considerable by having extension set up at clearance locations.

Helpdesk for Members

BCBA has commenced helpdesk for various important matters such as Single Window, AEO, ICEGATE registration, GST, DPD, E-Sanchit etc. Considerable members have benefited from this.

Mediclaim Insurance for CB and their Employees

BCBA has provided one of the most reasonable package for mediclaim to its members and their employees. This has helped considerable members who have to pay regularly to their employees for their medical treatment.

Hand Holding to members for their dispute in recovery of their outstanding from Clients

When approached by members, BCBA is providing assistance for recovery of legitimate outstanding dues from their clients.

BCBA Mobile App

For sake of better connectivity and as a tool to help the members in timely clearance of Export/Import cargo, BCBA has launched mobile app which is used by hundreds of members every day.

Knowledge series seminars, workshops, programme for members

BCBA has engaged in outreach programme for members on various subjects which are being held for members regularly at various locations. Knowledge series seminars have helped members for better understanding and compliance of various aspects in process of Custom Clearance. These programs are held for benefit of members without any cost.

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